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South Carolina nightlife scene is exhilarating with a mist of good taste and a great time. South Carolina is a state that embraces all types of people, families, and friends whole-heartedly and the clubs and bars both alike have the best customer satisfactions. To get down to the nitty gritty, the nightlife in South Carolina is hot, exciting, and joyful. Nightlife is all about having at all times even if that is after the sun goes down and everyone is asleep. Similar to many other states with the United States, there are areas of the Palmetto State that some travelers prefer more than others. Out of all of the great cities that South Carolina has to offer, the most popular places that travelers generally flock to are Columbia, Greenville, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach. Here are a few of the most exciting places that the nightlife is happening and most vibrant:

Charleston, South Carolina Night Scene

Charleston is much more of classic city with a modern twist. The city still has much of its architecture still up and thriving which yields more of a classical ambiance to the streets of Charleston, SC. As far as nightlife is concerned, the streets of downtown Charleston are filled with the most amazing bars and clubs. In addition, there are so many selections that you have as far as nightlife in the city of Charleston, because it’s a tourist city with great attractions. As you might already guess, the after hour scene is most alive towards the central market location, which is directly in the middle of downtown.

Columbia, South Carolina Nightlife and Clubs

It is a well-known fact that Columbia is the biggest and the capital of South Carolina. With such a large area come great nightlife and excellent clubs and bars. The majority of the Columbia, South Carolina locals will definitely tell you that the party places are located within Five Points and La Vista. Typically Five Points is related to the college spot and the younger crowd. On the other hand La Vista is still a place that attracts young individuals but they crowd is more varied and they have great elegant clubs and bars. The La Vista area is home to much more clubs instead of bars that are generally more upscale. Columbia, South Carolina is a great city overall and thus the nightlife and club scene gives attributes to the fact that it is just a great city.

Greenville, South Carolina after hours

The upstate part of South Carolina is more country, but don’t be fooled, that part of South Carolina is home to a few awesome cities, such as Greenville. Much like Charleston, Greenville has a mellow downtown area with cobblestone streets and the city just has a very homey feel. This upstate city is also home to amazing clubs, bars, and restaurants. Out of all of the areas within the city of Greenville, the most vibrant area is downtown Main Street which is home to many bars, and great shopping. The majority of the businesses, clubs, and bars are open well into the night, leaving you a great opportunity to have fun and live it up. Some of the more well-known places are the jazz martini bars such as Blu Martini and Acoustic Smiley’s Café. If you are looking for a great laid back atmosphere to experience, then Greenville is definitely a city to check out with it comes to nightlife.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Club and Bar Spots

Perhaps you have heard of the wonderful Myrtle Beach South Carolina. If you have, I can guarantee that you have probably made a connection between Myrtle Beach and spring break. This city has eclectic nightclubs and bars, ranging from spring break party spots to elegant clubs and lounges. With the city located right next to the beach, you will be assured that you and your crew will have an remarkable time. In addition to Myrtle Beach’s great nightlife atmosphere, the fun just doesn’t stop at clubs and bars. There are plenty of after hour events and venue ranging from comedy clubs to dramatic night shows and theaters.

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nightlife in south carolina

nightlife in south carolina


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